Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Updated Craft Room

Hi there!!

I've changed some things around in my craft room since I last revealed it to you

I really wanted some shelves above my stamping desk, and we picked up some inexpensive ones at Home Depot. My sweet hubby installed them for me! I think they look so great with all of my stuff on them. I use the top shelf for decor items and gifts from friends...things I don't need to access all the time, since I really can't reach it. I use the bottom shelf for my paper pads and ribbon jars.

I get a lot of questions about where I got my desk from. It came from Target a couple of years ago. It's called a trestle desk. I'm not sure if they have them anymore or not, but other companies sell similar styles. Just look up trestle desks.

The Jetmax cubes are my favorite! They help me stay so organized. Every drawer has a purpose and a label! I'm a little OCD about labeling things. They can be expensive, but I purchased mine at Michael's with 50 percent off coupons. I would get a few at a time until I had all that I wanted. 

This is how I store my Papertrey Ink cardstock. 

 I have three of the gallon-size penny candy jars that I purchased at Walmart. I think they were around $6 each. I wrap my ribbon on clothespins and store in the jars by color. Since the jars are so huge, I'm able to fit several colors in one jar. For example, I have red, pink, yellow, and orange all in one jar together. 

I got these plastic bins at Walmart for a dollar each. They store my 6x6 paper pads perfectly. That's the only size paper I buy anymore.  I keep my paper sorted my manufacturer.

I also got rid of the white hutch. I moved my Jetmax cubes and embellishment center to that wall, and I wish I had it like that all along because I LOVE it. I store all my stamping supplies in those cubes, and it is so nice to just be able to turn around in my chair and have everything right there. 

I moved my Janome Sew Mini and my Cuttlebug to my stamping desk. They fit nicely on the shelves on the bottom of my desk. I also recently puchased a Vagabond (LOVE!), and that sits on top of my desk. I was storing my Cricut in the closet, but I got tired of dragging it out all the time, so I fixed it up a permanent home on the computer desk. The Cricut isn't shown in this photo, since it's an old photo.

I really want to paint this room. The bland color just doesn't "inspire" me. I've been thinking for months about what color I want to paint it, but I really can't decide, so I guess it will stay this color for awhile! I suppose we should have painted it before we hung the shelves...Oops!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at my stamp room! I know I always love seeing where other people create, so I like to share my space, too!


  1. What a terrific space! I envy those who have a dedicated space....someday my space will come.

  2. Congrats on the space. Love your blog so far. Keep it up :)

    -The Anon Blogger

  3. I am so happy that you have such a wonderful crafting area. That is a big blessing!! I want to come over and play someday!!

  4. I love your desk, with the shelves under in the legs. I need a desk like this..where did you get yours?

    1. Hi!! I love it, too! It came from Target a couple of years ago. It's called a trestle desk. I'm not sure if they have them anymore or not, but other companies sell similar styles. Just look up trestle desks.

  5. What a great room. I am just starting mine. We got paint on the walls so far. I love how organized your room is.. I had a heck of a time finding a desk..I picked two out at IKEA and thought I would decide on Sunday..and guess what...BOTH were discontinued! I picked a new one..Can't wait for it all to come and get it put together (hubbys are great, aren't they?) Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  6. I love this,... love to come and see where others create!! I am currently getting my room painted a celery green color. I can't wait!!

  7. Love the reveal! It looks amazing! I especially love your table. I've been coveting one I found at Ikea a while ago, but I'm going back and forth trying to decide if I want to make the Jetmax cubes into a table or if I should just go with my first love of a trestle table. Oh, the choices, right? LOL. Thanks for sharing your space with us! :)


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