Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Crafty for my Classroom

Hi there!!

We have a hurricane day today, so school is closed as we prepare for Hurricane Isaac. This is a post that I've been meaning to do for a long time, so I thought today would be a good day to do it!

School has been back in session for a few weeks, and this summer I was very busy getting everything ready for my classroom. I saw some hand-painted stools online. They were very expensive. I tend to be a do-it-yourselfer. I see things and think, "I can do that." Not only do I save money, but then I have the satisfaction of having made it myself. However, I will say that after I started painting, I realized WHY they were priced so high. It's a lot of work, but it was worth it in the end.

This project cost me less than 10 dollars. I already had the stool in my classroom, and I brought it home with me over the summer to paint. I purchased some brushes, sponges, and a few bottles of acrylic paint to add to what I already had.

I used LOTS of bright colors. Since I have no artistic abilities whatsoever, I used round sponges to make polka dots. I even traced a bowl for the circle on top. Now, here's the part where I really cheated. To paint my name, I used my Cricut to cut out my name in vinyl. Then I adhered the negative part of the vinyl to the top of the stool. I painted my name and then peeled off the vinyl. I went around the edges of my name with a white paint pen. I used a few coats of a spray clear gloss varnish to protect it. I LOVE how it turned out!!

My next project was Pinterest-inspired. I made a wreath to hang on my classroom door. I purchased the letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them different colors. I used the eraser end of a pencil dipped in white paint to make the polka dots. I hot-glued the letters to the grapevine wreath. I can't wait to see it on my door!

Here's a clipboard I made. I saw the saying on a cup on Pinterest and used my Cricut to design this clipboard.

View from the doorway

I love these milk crate seats I found on Pinterest. They were easy to make, and they double as storage units!

Can you tell my classroom is BRIGHT?! The walls are a neutral color, so I try to bring in fun colors to liven it up a bit.

Okay, well please pray for us as we ride out Hurricane Isaac! Ironically, we were preparing for Hurricane Katrina seven years ago today. I know this storm isn't anywhere near that magnitude, but I am so scared of bad weather!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Oh, Candace! I wish you were my teacher! You have the coolest classroom! I LOVE your stool and wreath! They are wonderful!!! Praying for your safety today! ~H

  2. Candice, Wow, what beautiful projects you made!!! Love the stool and wreath!!!
    Your room is a place where any child would feel welcome.

  3. Your classroom is AMAZING Candace! Congratulations on your feature at ODBD!

  4. Your stool is AWESOME! Your classroom looks so fun. Hoping that you are all safe and sound.

  5. I love this! I am learning to create cards, I make them for a local Ronald McDonald House for residents to give to their doctors, nurses, family, etc. I love what you do, and you inspire me. And I do Relay For Life and our theme this year is super heros. I love your idea and I'm going to 'steal it': I Relay. What is your super power? What a great idea!!!! Thank you for sharing your talent: I appreciate it.


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